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Since 1922, Azberger has produced finely crafted wedding, personal and social stationery for customers throughout the United States. From design to shipping, everything necessary to produce your stationery is done by us in our facility in Charlotte. Just because we have been doing this forever does not make us boring or dreary; to the contrary, it makes us one of the only companies in this business that has consistently been getting it right.

Treasured Tradition

We respect tradition when it comes to creating our customers’ fine and fun stationery. The art is to take the best ingredients of paper, printing process, and style, and figure out how to combine them to create classic, tasteful elegance that is beautiful and fun in today’s world.
That is what our stationery does.

We exist to create for you the correspondence papers and invitations that will be remembered and saved. We want your daughter to pull out a letter you wrote her 20 years earlier and have that paper reflect your character, the seriousness of your love, and your sense of beauty. Years from now, we want you to pull out your wedding invitation and be glad that you chose great paper, classic design, and reverent wording. You should be proud that you created an enduring memento of that ceremony; not one that reflects what was trendy that year.

No Email
Our correspondence papers personalize an increasingly impersonal world.
At Arzberger, we help our customers create stationery that helps them say “thanks”, “I’m sorry”, “congratulations” or simply “I am thinking of you”. Our customers often comment that ,with the proper “tool”, they find themselves expressing themselves more and more eloquently. A great piece of stationery beckons the writer think about what she wants to say and then say it well.
That is what drives us to create these papers.

Invitations that Invite

Our invitations commemorate the important events of life. It is true that the invitation sets the tone. At Arzberger, our customers take that advice to heart. They put a lot into the creative process to get an invitation that will linger in the minds of the guests for weeks before the event. They rely on us for the backdrop of proper form and etiquette; we know it well and offer advice
about the best way to create a seamless and gracious invitation.

The Marketplace
It seems that the craft that we have been honing for over 85 years is suddenly experiencing a revival; for that we are grateful. However, a quick surf of the internet for social stationery can be confusing. You will be inundated with overdesigned stationery items that are touted as “timeless”, “tasteful but modern”, on and on. Most of these products do not warrant the adjectives applied. To the contrary, they are “of the moment”, “what is hot”, “the latest” and universally “trendy”. And ususally, the cost of these "trendy" items is higher priced than a luxurious basic. We do believe a well-rounded stationery wardrobe includes “the current color”, and something fun. It also should include stationery pieces that let your written words speak louder than the design. We believe it is the art of the process, working hand-in-hand with design,
that makes a piece special.

Great stationery is all we do here. We are not interested in fancy paper clips, journals, calendars, sticky notes, or miscellaneous gifts. We are busy doing this one thing better than anyone in the world. We worry about your stationery. We rerun it before you even see it if it is not up to our standards. We hand inspect every piece of stationery before it is boxed for you. We can do all of this because this is all we do and we do it all in this one facility.

If the Shoe Fits

We invite you to look closely at the samples of our work that we proudly display throughout this site. We are grateful to our customers for giving us the chance to use our craft and expertise to create for them. If our work appeals to you, please visit us in Charlotte
or look for one of our Agents to help you.

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