Arzberger Stationers is the combination of two stationery companies.
W. A. Buening of Charlotte, North Carolina (founded 1922), and Arzberger Engravers, also of Charlotte (founded 1953). These two companies merged in 2004, and continued the singular focus to produce the highest quality stationery for their customers.
Our combined history represents over 140 years of creating great stationery.

The founders of these companies, Bill Buening and George Arzberger, shared a passion for their craft. Getting the customer’s stationery right was more important to them than their own corporate ambition. We continue this passion. This is why we say it is
about YOUR name and event, not ours.

Our culture of unwavering quality stems from our history. The focus has never varied; we have never sought to sell anything other than great stationery. We feel it would be a frivolous diversion from our commitment to be the premier provider of fine stationery in the United States. We are committed solely to meeting the needs of our stationery customers.
That keeps us busy and focused.

We manufacture our products in the same facilility we have occupied since 1963. Our engraving presses, big steel Carvers from the 1950's, are operated by hand by our press operators, some who have been with us for over 30 years. We believe truly fine stationery is an art, not a mechanized output. I t should be crafted and touched by people at every stage. We are proud that we outsource virtually nothing. With a couple of small, specialized exceptions, all of the work associated with making our stationery is done by us here in our facility.
We do not aspire to be a large company; we will grow with our current customers and serve new customers that are the right fit.

Our history is one of the craft, art and passion to produce stationery for our customers that exceeds their expectations. We celebrate our specialty printing processes such as engraving, embossing, foil stamping and die cutting and enjoy our customers’ reactions
when they see the results.

Despite being something of a throwback in terms of our process and philosophy, we are committed to state of the art customer service. We understand that today’s world demands accuracy, efficiency and quick response. Again, don’t misinterpret the fact that we have been around for a long time. It does not mean that we are sleepy and set in our ways.
On the contrary, we have been around for a long time because we understand the needs and demands of our evolving customers.

We want to create something wonderful for you, that will be cherished. Regardless if it is a simple monogrammed note or a wedding invitation, they all deserved to be crafted at the highest quality, and customized just for you.

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